Benvolio and Mercutio discuss Tybalt’s challenge and Romeo joins in their conversation until juliet’s nurse comes to find him.

Romeo has gone to his father Friar Lawrence about juliet . Friar is wondering where romeo has been all night and suspects he’s been with rosaline but romeo says he has got over her and now likes juliet .  Friar Lawrence is now wanting to marry Romeo and juliet . Quote : “good morrow father” […]

Romeo is stood under Juliet’s balcony when she emerges. She talks to her self about how she loves Romeo and how she hates the feud between the two families. Romeo reveals him self and they have a intermit conversation about marriage before the nurse calls for Juliet. 

Romeo is teased by his friends , who joke about how much he loves rosaline.  

Romeo, benvoleo and Mercutio enter the Capulet masked party. Capulet has an entering speech to welcome the guests. Romeo a Montague finds Juliet a Capulet. They fall in love not knowing each was from either family . Tybalt recognises Romeos voice and tells Capulet . Capulet says to Tybalt to drop it otherwise he will […]

Question: How does shakespeare use metaphor to show romeos inner thoughts in act one scene four of romeo and Juliet. Shakespeares key if information  is hidden in metaphors he’s placed through this play.  He does this because it is a smooth way of delivering the inner workings of the characters minds. In scene 4 act […]

Romeo, mercutio and benvolio are all dressed up in costume and mask ready to attend the capulet ball. Mercutio argues  with romeo about how love is sinister and may come back to bite him in his “dream”. Romeo is set on love and that love with gunder him . Benvolio trying to make mercutio and […]

sunday afternoon: In the Capulet household lady Capulet is getting ready for the party they are holding at their house and calls for juliet (her daughter) for a talk. the nurse who has been with juliet accompanies her and her mothers talk about getting married to Paris. Juliet quotes: ” i’ll look to like, if […]

Paris and Capulet organise a party at the capulet mansion. They write  a guest list and The servant is told to carry it round the city finding all of the party goes-ers. But the slave can’t read so he asks a near by citizen. But the servant is unaware of the people he is talking […]

Two young capulet men restart an old fued aganist the montegue house. The Prince steps in and tells  the two houses to back off otherwise he will kill them both. He summons them separately to the palace to resolve the matter. Meanwhile Romeo a capulet is in love with a montague named Julet but julet has no idea of whom Romeo is.
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