11th August 2017

Future Dystopia – Divide

A piercing white light hit my eyes as they flicked open, welcomed by a white blanc room. A long dull drone echos out from the fan in the corner that brings me to true consciousness. I was slunk upon a cold metallic chair sat in the centre of the room, Its crude frame digging into my back. I jolted in attempt to change my uncomfortable position but my hands and feet were firmly buckled to the arms and footrest of the chair. The room possessed a bitter medicinal smell that stung my throat every time I inhaled. I tried to think, because i guess, that is all there is to do. Ahh i sighed as i tried to recall what had happened, how i had got here ? , where am I ? , who am I ? These questions seemed to scare me so i tried not to think about but they just kept coming back; haunting me. I strained my neck around in a bid to see what was behind me, My eyes blurred and then refocused, fatigued by the constant bright white light beaming down from the light on the ceiling. I saw a wide white door with a circular window positioned

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  1. It is a very descriptive piece of writing which brings out the situation and time brilliantly. However it is too short to and therefore you dont have a complete understanding on the situation or the problem of the story.

  2. You could of also used more prepositions becuase most of your sentences start of with either “the” or “I’.
    You did however have good use of noun phrases like “piercing white light”

  3. It is very descriptive, but I could not find a fronted preposition or a relative clause.


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