9th March 2017

Analysis essay

Question: How does shakespeare use metaphor to show romeos inner thoughts in act one scene four of romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeares key if information  is hidden in metaphors he’s placed through this play.  He does this because it is a smooth way of delivering the inner workings of the characters minds. In scene 4 act one romeo has a dream of the  night aheaduring of him . He dreams it might be bad and lead to his untimely death

In the scene romeo exlames ” He that hath stearage of my course ,direct my sail . The metaphor used here is referring to a boat. There is obvious evedance to reflect this idea because shakespeare uses terms like steerage, course and sail. When shakespeare puts “he” in the text he is referring to God.  My interpritation of this line is that  Romeo is basically saying  only God can take me the right way.

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  1. This is good analysis – the only real area for development is in accuracy – I suggest you first use WordPress’ very good spelling and grammar checker – it literally teaches you as you fix things.


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