10th March 2017

Act 1scene 5

Romeo, benvoleo and Mercutio enter the Capulet masked party. Capulet has an entering speech to welcome the guests. Romeo a Montague finds Juliet a Capulet. They fall in love not knowing each was from either family . Tybalt recognises Romeos voice and tells Capulet . Capulet says to Tybalt to drop it otherwise he will disturb the guests . Nurse calls for Juliet to come see her mother . Juliet asks the nurse who Romeo is . She replies quote :his name is Romeo and a Montague . The only son of your greattach enemy .

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  1. I think almost everything is there, but I’d encourage you to be clearer in your formatting and also take a bit more care over your typing. Here’s the link to the example on the class website as to how to put your summaries together – and don’t forget to put capital letters on proper nouns like names.


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