1st March 2017

act 1 scene 3

sunday afternoon: In the Capulet household lady Capulet is getting ready for the party they are holding at their house and calls for juliet (her daughter) for a talk. the nurse who has been with juliet accompanies her and her mothers talk about getting married to Paris. Juliet quotes: ” i’ll look to like, if looking liking move ” which basically means if someone likes me ill like them . A seviceman enters asking for assistance down at the party because it is getting rowdy.

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  1. Nice going, Hugo.

    I think when Juliet says ‘I’ll look to like if looking liking move”, she means that she’ll look at Paris, but the only real way she’s going to like him would be if somehow she would come to like him simply by looking – which is essentially not going to happen.


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